91springboard is built on the belief that sharing knowledge, resources, and co-creating is the future of work and business. Their focus lies in creating a community that makes members' work lives better. To facilitate this better across geographies, they were launching an app that would let the members discover and connect with each other based on skills, interests, and needs, irrespective of their location. And Moshimbo was in charge of drawing up the message for announcing the launch of the 91springboard member app.

Our biggest challenge was that the app offered a lot. However, we turned the challenge into our idea. "There's so much on the 91springboard app that you will discover a new thing every time" became our core messaging idea. From happiness to ease, we showcased every feature that the app promised through a series of characters you usually encounter at 91springboard.

The teaser campaign featured real stories of freelancers, service providers, and founders, turning them into national names from locals overnight. For the launch campaign, Moshimbo played with clay (a lot) and mastered the art of clay modelling to bring to life identifiable characters through a not-so-explored form of art in communication.

Moshimbo Belief #893

A beautiful design is not beautiful until it solves the problem

Moshimbo Belief #28

Be ugly in the most beautiful way