Building a full fun, no fuel world of Electric Vehicles.

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b:live is India's first EV experience platform. It started in 2018 by offering immersive, authentic and local experiences on smart and savvy electric bikes. Today, b:live is present across 17 locations in India bringing all the top EV brands under one roof.


To create an identity that would be fun, flexible and unique to b:live.

Moshimbo began its journey with b:live even before e-bikes. On understanding the growth potential versus the lack of competition in the category, our task was to bring their refreshing concept to life with an identity that is younger, simpler, and has deeper roots in redefining the country's e-bike infrastructure. Following our discussions with the founders, environmentalists, and planners, we were inspired to create a brand focused on clean energy and discoverability.

A ‘fun over fuel’ world.

After an extensive design research of the category, one thing was very clear - green was an abused colour in this particular category. So instead, we introduced jesty yellow and breezy blue to radiate the clean energy and possibilities that the brand offers.  Brand’s visual language captured the joy of ‘discovering new’. Driven by the notion Fun over Fuel, we stayed true to the promise that the brand was built on. It’s also why the b:live bikes are yellow today and hubs are made from old shipping containers. 

It was imperative for us to make sure that the vocabulary captured the right emotion and excitement. Our playful world was build around memories one could make, fun one could have and steps one could take in making the world a greener, cleaner place.

Moshimbo Belief #893

A beautiful design is not beautiful until it solves the problem

Moshimbo Belief #28

Be ugly in the most beautiful way