Started in 2018, B:live is India's first EV tourism initiative. B:live offers immersive, authentic, and local experiences on smart and savvy electric bikes. Moshimbo started its journey with B:live even before the e-bikes. And that’s exactly why the B:live bikes are yellow today, and so are the hubs.

With an understanding of the growth potential versus the lack of competition in the category, our task was to bring this refreshing concept to life with an identity that would be fun, flexible, and full of newfangledness. The jesty yellow and breezy blue introduced a younger look and feel that promised the brand's joyful, modern attitude in a streamlined design that works well across all the platforms.

To redefine the e-bike infrastructure in India, we found fresh ways to take the brand identity forward. The visual language of the brand was built around experiences on e-bikes. And, clean energy and discovery have become the core of every brand element.

It was imperative for us to make sure that the vocabulary captured the right emotions and excitement. This resulted in a world made up of fun one could have and tours one could take, all while saving the world.

Moshimbo Belief #893

A beautiful design is not beautiful until it solves the problem

Moshimbo Belief #28

Be ugly in the most beautiful way