Crafting the narrative, branding and interface for a water-tech startup

• Nomenclature • Branding • Design language • Interface design • Website  

Boon (formerly Swajal) is one of India's largest water-tech firms, dedicated to making water better and more accessible to all. From Zero Mile Water to bringing water ATMs to big, small, and all parts of India, Boon is determined to make a difference in a different way. Boon approached us with the intention of changing their name, narrative, and visual identity, with the goal of creating a cohesive brand system.

Defining the don’ts.  

After our conversations with the team, we learned a lot about Boon's efforts to avoid category cliches. The brand's offerings have always been transformative while remaining deeply rooted. Which is why, the visual design language had to reflect the same. We were inspired to create revolutionary but also relatable elements to help the brand reach a broader audience. Water droplets and blue colour had to be used, but in a way that they were never used.

Our water, our way.

Boon connects water with people with the help of tech. So, we created a typeface for boon with dot and stack architecture.  Building on the architecture, we extended the Boon dots to create the entire design language. This approach brought consistency in the brand, making it easily identifiable. We created a simulation of bubble flow to create visual fluidity across all brand elements. The 3D Boon Bubble, the vibrant blue colour, and the dots became the starting points for a bolder visual identity.

Bringing it all together.

We wanted the website design to mirror both the brand’s core positioning and serve as a natural progression from the new brand identity. The new website is centred on a bubble, symbolising a drop of water, further emphasising Boon’s presence in the water space. Everything on the site comes together with a single flowing bubble, evoking the same sensation that the brand intends to convey.