Bruntwood creates workspace environments that help businesses thrive. The founding team approached us to create an informative kiosk that would take care of all the jobs that were previously taken care of at the reception area of their office. Together with AVM solutions and Bruntwood London, we created a user interface for the kiosk that translated their offering into an intuitive and interesting experience.

On researching, we learnt two main details about the touch point: it’s usually busy and boring. We mapped the entire journey, created wireframes, and experimented with adding a fun quotient to the overall user experience.

This resulted in us creating a digital person named Brian. Brian jokes, talks, plays, informs, drinks, gets hungry, remembers and reminds, forgives, but never forgets to update. The entire UI was created around Brian and his story. The interface was kept fluid so people could login themselves, book a meeting room, find out about upcoming events, check train timings, get weather updates, and find their way within the property.

Moshimbo Belief #893

A beautiful design is not beautiful until it solves the problem

Moshimbo Belief #28

Be ugly in the most beautiful way