Crafting a design language for kitchen appliances and modular kitchens

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About 6 million homes of India

Established in 1974, IFB celebrates over four decades of technical excellence in laundry, kitchen, and living solutions. Much of this success can be attributed to their manufacturing facilities that meet global standards. The company has always represented the leading edge of technology, which is why, for an Indian consumer, IFB has become synonymous with quality machines. 

Stunning products. Exceptional quality. Easy to adapt.  

IFB’s origins lend the company an air of being global and therefore a technically superior brand. It was imperative to us that the redesign of the visual language for the laundry and kitchen range revolved around one main aspect of the brand—a brand with global standards.Most of the appliance brands look and sound the same. Similar imagery, similar offers, and similar products. As a brand with the strongest and most stunning product range, IFB prided itself on product excellence but was lagging on communicating the same. We worked with them to build a brand language that was clear and clever.

A new dawn for the supporting material.

Manuals, recipe books, catalogues, and storefronts have been ignored since their inception. They are designed to be discarded. What most appliance brands fail to understand is that a consumer interacts with the product through these supporting elements. And more often than not, they become an entry into consumers' homes and hearts. We worked hard to create material that a consumer would love to refer and retain. We introduced warmth in manuals and emotions in recipe books. We gave users everywhere new and fun ways to interact with the product.

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