Porter - Rebranding India’s no.1 logistics platform

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Moving a billion dreams ahead.

Back in 2014, Porter started intracity logistics with the intention of bringing some order into the largely unorganised Indian logistics sector. And today, they’re much more than just an intracity truck logistics service. Porter in 2023 has a diverse fleet of vehicles, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and electric vehicles, and offer exclusive logistical services like Packers and Movers and Porter for Enterprise. And much like how they decluttered the disorganised logistics sector, we worked with the Porter team to upgrade their identity and design language to match the brand they have built over time.

Evolution of the Logo

Porter is all about moving goods, large and small, heavy and light, as asserted in the brand promise: "Delivery hai? Ho Jayega!". Which is why, it was important for the brand to retain the location pin from the original logo. Centred on the promise of being constantly on the move, we used the pin in a way that’s true and unique only to Porter. By just taking out the pin from the logo and using it as a superscript, the logo was reimagined to better reflect the brand philosophy and helped us develop a visual and verbal guide for extended products and services.

Pinning the future

The new logo uses the map pin as superscript to appear synonymous with the degree symbol. It embodies movement and positions Porter as a catalyst for efficient and dependable delivery. By making the pin a design element for communication, we created new ways to bring consistency and brand recall. Movement is just a tap away with Porter, and the pin expresses this across all channels.