Turms is India’s own and only fashion brand that works on a radically new concept: applying technology to fashion. Turms is on a mission to make clothes that not only fit you well but also help you function. This includes smaller clothes as well, like socks and underwear.

Our design needed to reflect the brand’s youthful and ambitious attitude. Which is why we went a step further than re-designing the inner wear packaging. We redesigned the design of the packet itself. For inner wear packaging to stand out and emerge as a progressive product saver in the chaos of the market today, it had to be reimagined inside out.

Inspired by the logo identity, we created the Turms box. The box was made to look like a bigger matchbox that packed all things small. Not only did it discover a new place on the shelf, the packaging also encouraged the buyer to pick up on a new experience.

Moshimbo Belief #893

A beautiful design is not beautiful until it solves the problem

Moshimbo Belief #28

Be ugly in the most beautiful way